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Cádiz CF


Cádiz Club de Fútbol is a sports club with a long history in the history of sport in Spain. Founded in 1910, the club currently has 16,000 season ticket holders. From 2020, the first team will be playing in La Liga, a fact that the Club's presidency wants to reinforce and celebrate with the modernisation and digitalisation of the interaction with its members. Cadismo is at the forefront of the identification and authentication of its members and supporters with Blockchain technology. 

The history

The Challenge

The Club suffers from a significant dispersion of data from its members and supporters. Cádiz CF has different user identification systems in its club:

  • Subscriber Portal
  • Online streaming matches
  • Online shop

These are different identity systems. Each user has a different login for each of the Cádiz CF platforms, which complicates the crossing of data between platforms and remembering different passwords, among others.

This dispersion of users across platforms increases the risks of password cybersecurity and complicates proper access management to verify the identity of users. It is necessary to work on preventing identity theft, password theft and to constantly adapt to the personal data protection compliance framework.

The Solution

Wise Security Global, a company specialised in digital identity and cybersecurity solutions, proposes to Cádiz CF to create a decentralised digital identity system with blockchain technology. In this way, it breaks with centralised identities, and the same identity can be used for different services of the Club.

Wise implements the system in 2 phases:

  1. Phase 1. Breaking with the scattered identities in different systems and creating a single identity for all the different services of the club.
  2. Phase 2. Membership card using the Blockchain identity.

The new identification system serves to transfer to a new version all the data that Cádiz has in its different forms of registration. And thus offer greater security and control of the data for the users themselves. It also increases and improves the digital interactions and services offered to its members and fans without the risk of breaching the RGPD and with the certainty that there will be no identity theft or impersonation.

The Benefits

  • Easy and passwordless access from the APP to Cadiz's digital services (online shop, TV channel, sporting events, election voting, etc.).
  • Increased sponsorship opportunities with the use of the credentials generated for members and supporters.
  • Decentralised authentication: greater control over the use of data, especially personal data, in a secure and GDPR-compliant manner: Data minimisation and privacy by default thanks to blockchain technology: Users gain greater control over their identities and attributes.
  • Easy to use and integrate.
  • Data mining with third parties in a reliable way and protecting user data.
  • Large capacity of marketing tools to offer users.
  • Compliance with Royal Decree 3/2010. National Security Scheme (ENS).
  • Aligned with the European eIDAS 2 regulation, within the framework of the European Digital Identity.
  • No limits. Technology with unlimited credential generation capacity and great robustness of the platform to generate a large volume of requests at the same time.
  • Ecofriendly solution: avoids the generation of physical and/or polluting media.

"We can now offer integration with third parties to benefit our partners and users, without having to hand over their personal data". Rafael Contreras. Vice-president of Cádiz CF