Var Group and sports

A continuous link between innovation and business

We are not only pioneers in technology, but also in promoting a way of life and thinking linked to sports

In Wise we are part of something big, we are part of Var Group. We firmly believe in the values of self-improvement, teamwork and dedication that sport instills in people, our main focus.

Var Group and the Royal Spanish Handball Federation: innovation and technology with a social conscience, catalyst for positive change
This alliance is an opportunity to boost the presence of women in both sports and technology, bringing together the values of the Guerreras and the Hispanos, who symbolize the determination and strength of Spanish athletes, to convey a message of equality.
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Wise Security at the Anaitasuna women's handball club courts

Wise Security is positioned as one of the main sponsors of the entire women's handball division of Anaitasuna, both the División de Honor Plata team and the grassroots. With this agreement, the company is committed to support the growth of the section and to share with the players the achievements that will be obtained in the near future. Wise's commitment to this sports sponsorship is closely linked to the brand's values, which include a positive attitude, team spirit and integrity. He also points out that, as a firm dedicated to cybersecurity, they find many similarities with the roles played in handball in terms of the importance of a good defense, a great attack, speed and coordination of the whole team.

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