Defensive cyber security: CSOC

We offer complete cyber threat management, from early detection to effective responses. Keep your business safe and secure in a constantly evolving digital environment.
  • Threat Intel
  • Bastet
  • Blue Team
  • SocDevOps
  • DFIR

We adapt to your organization, your resources, your activity. We offer you the most suitable solution, and always with flexibility to evolve it. 

Our CSOC is specialized in a remote model. It is at the forefront of cloud tools (95%) compared to legacy tools of traditional SOCs. 

We have a large automated base layer and 24/7 support. We have a strong ML and AI technology component (in-house and partners).

Our model is non-pyramidal. Wise professionals who are in level 1, are integrated into a process of training and professional development to move to level 2 and create a valuable team.

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