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Firmenich optimises its response times thanks to Wise's state-of-the-art CSOC, powered by Azure Sentinel. Firmenich is the world's largest fragrance and flavour company. Founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1895, it has more than 10,000 employees at 50 locations. It reaches billions of consumers with its products. It is renowned for its world-class research and creativity, as well as its leadership in sustainability and exceptional understanding of consumer trends. Each year it invests 10% of its turnover in R&D, reflecting its continuous desire to improve and evolve. Firmenich has an annual turnover of around CHF 3.2 billion. 

The history

The challenge

Firmenich wants to make a qualitative leap in its already mature cyber security. Its goal is to be able to detect threats and react in a timely manner. To this end, Wise proposes to Firmenich to create its own CSOC in which Microsoft Azure Sentinel technology is implemented, one of the first native oncloud SIEM systems in the world, with a great capacity for automation and which meets Firmenich's quality standards (as high as the most demanding sectors, such as those established for the banking and insurance sectors). What do we want to achieve?

  • Gain visibility and understanding of the attack surface.
  • Analyse, contextualise and prioritise SIEM information and threat warnings.
  • Maximise existing resources in the midst of a global cybersecurity skills crisis.
  • Optimise costs by reducing reliance on point solutions and the talent required to manage them.

The solution

The Wise team begins by monitoring each use case manually and in a second phase, automates the processes with Microsoft Azure Sentinel, the world's leading technology for detecting cybersecurity vulnerabilities and attacks. This state-of-the-art SOAR offers the functionalities of a SIEM, managing cybersecurity events and optimising response times. Thanks to this automation, incident management is drastically minimised, reducing response time and optimising the brand's cybersecurity resources.


Using Azure Sentinel helps the Wise team move beyond on-premise SIEM management and focus on the value-add at the top layer: how to make strategic work more interesting. By using Azure Sentinel, Firmenich gains advanced defence tools to improve its threat response.

Thanks to the next-generation CSOC implemented by Wise, Firmenich:

  • Detect potential problems faster.
  • Our team spends less time on maintenance, upgrades and fixes and can now focus on other, more relevant tasks.
  • It can learn from incidents and model cybersecurity best practices among staff and customers.

By the numbers:

  • 45 minutes. That's the average incident resolution time from the CSOC set up in Firmenich by Wise.
  • 1,500 incidents per month. This is the average number of incidents detected in a month in the 24/7 service.