Italian technology multinational Var Group bets on Spain



Together with its local partners (Wise Security, Tech Value, Visualitics and Cadlog), the company is establishing itself in Spain to increase its business in the Spanish market and offer local support to its clients, as well as to promote the inclusion of female talent and equal opportunities.

Madrid, 8 March 2024 – Var Group,
a company that helps companies in their digital evolution and part of the SeSa Group, Italy’s leading IT solutions provider for companies listed on the Milan Stock Exchange, has announced its establishment in Spain. Var Group confirms its commitment to boost its business in the Spanish market through its local partners (Wise Security, Tech Value, Visualitics and Cadlog), offering its full range of technology products and services for the digital transformation of companies, including cybersecurity, cloud migration, business applications, analytics, data management, artificial intelligence and industrial solutions. With a turnover of €702.6 million up to 30 April 2023, when it closes its fiscal year, Var Group has a team of more than 3,700 highly skilled professionals and a 50-year track record.

The person in charge of leading the company’s activity in Spain will be Gorka Jiménez, a professional with more than 20 years of experience and founder of leading companies in the field of cybersecurity and digital identity, who will occupy the position of CEO of Var Group Spain. “Var Group’s intention is to accompany companies in the Spanish market in their digital evolution by simplifying technology management, consolidating operations, and optimising their efficiency and resource management. Var Group España will not limit itself to providing products and services, but is committed to continuously understanding the needs of its customers to help them face digital challenges,” says Gorka Jiménez.

In addition to its determination to help customers and its commitment to technological innovation, the Var Group project has a firm commitment to inclusion and equal opportunities. This responsibility begins in the company’s own work teams and continues with the promotion of different actions and projects that will be materialised in Spain, such as collaboration with universities or the promotion of internships, with special emphasis on promoting female talent in STEM careers. “Talent has no gender, neither in business nor in other areas of society. Var Group España, through its focus on socially conscious technology, is committed to being a catalyst for positive change,” says Jiménez.

Var Group’s commercial offering in Spain mainly covers the following technology areas: cybersecurity, Blockchain technology, manufacturing and industry 4.0, data science, artificial intelligence and cloud journey. These technological areas are highly specialised and are applied in a customised manner for each client.

“Var Group’s offer is among the leaders in the sector, but with a big difference: we intend to accompany, execute and implement the application of technology in each case. We not only advise and visualise the path of digital evolution, but we also put it into practice and develop it together with the customer. Customer proximity and understanding are based on working among people, and this is how Var Group does business: people are the ones who work. This is the main reason why Var Group has established itself in Spain: to be close to our customers in order to offer them the best service,” concludes Jiménez.

Var Group is part of the SeSa Group, Italy's leading operator in the supply of technological innovation and IT and digital solutions for the business segment, with consolidated revenues of €2,908 million through April 30, 2023. SeSa S.p.A is listed on the Euronext STAR market in Milan and pursues a strategy of sustainable development for the benefit of its stakeholders based on the skills of its human resources and attention to environmental and social responsibility.

About Var Group

 Var Group stands out as a leader in the drive towards total digitalisation, offering innovative technology solutions that go beyond standard expectations. With a focus on integrating human values into technology, Var Group España aspires to lead the change towards a more ethical and sustainable business operation, positively impacting both the economic success of its clients and their social contribution.

With a strong presence in 10 countries around the world (Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Romania, Austria, Switzerland, Mexico, USA and Brazil) and a deep understanding of business processes, the company works closely with entrepreneurs in defining advanced business models. Var Group’s offering is continuously enriched through research and collaboration with leading brands in technology and digitalisation, as well as with startups and university centres. This enables it to excel in the main industrial sectors, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, automotive, fashion and luxury, among others.

Var Group is part of the Sesa Group, Italy’s leader in technological innovation and digital solutions for businesses, with consolidated revenues of €2,908 million up to 30 April 2023. Sesa S.p.A. is listed on the Euronext STAR market in Milan and is committed to a strategy of sustainable development for the benefit of our stakeholders.

Var Group is a company committed to environmental and social responsibility, is a member of the United Nations Global Compact, is ISO 14001 environmentally certified and has achieved the prestigious Ecovadis rating at Silver level.