Wise DID Authenticator®: The Cutting Edge of Digital Identity at MWC 2024


The world is constantly evolving and digital identity security has never been more important. Wise Security is at the forefront of this revolution with the innovative Wise DID Authenticator, a solution that stands out for its ease of use and robust security infrastructure. This year, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024, we will have the pleasure of demonstrating its power and effectiveness with our Digital Identity Director, Óscar Flor Lozano. On February 26th at 14:30 he will give a live demonstration of the product, explaining not only the benefits of decentralized digital identity, but also showing a success story that will revolutionize your concept of digital authentication.

Password-less Authentication Innovation

The era of passwords is coming to an end. Wise DID Authenticator is a password-less user authentication solution that promises to transform the way we access digital services. Integrated with OneLogin and other IAM platforms, it provides a seamless and secure user experience, protecting user identity and access with the latest technology in decentralized credentials.

Privacy & Security with Blockchain

Our Definitive ID technology ensures that no personal data is stored on the public blockchain, offering an unprecedented level of privacy and security. With Wise DID Authenticator, enterprises can rely on a decentralized identity system that scales effortlessly and adapts to the needs of any digital infrastructure.

Regulatory Compliance and Conformity

Wise DID Authenticator not only offers exceptional protection against identity fraud, but also complies with the most stringent regulations. From GDPR to the EIDAS2 “European Digital Identity” regulatory framework, our solution is designed to meet and exceed the required security and privacy standards.

One Universal Digital Identity Ecosystem

Looking to the future, Wise DID Authenticator facilitates the creation of a universal digital identity system. It is a scalable tool that enables credential verification and management, paving the way for a new era of secure and verifiable digital interactions.

Live Demo at MWC 2024

Wise DID Authenticator® is more than a solution; it is a commitment to security, privacy and innovation. Join us at MWC 2024 and be part of the shift to secure, decentralized digital identity. We are ready to show you how Wise DID Authenticator® can transform your business.

 Don’t forget and get ready to experience the authentication of the future with us at MWC 2024 on February 26th at 14:30h. Discover how this technology can empower your business and take digital security to the next level.